Exceptional small batch craft beer

Founded in 2021 – Datum Attitude Brewing Co

We are a small, independent brewery based in Essex.

We design, craft and can our beers by hand from our small brewery in Tolleshunt D’Arcy. Every beer is made without compromise, using the finest ingredients and techniques.

We never fine or filter our beers, ensuring they are full of flavour and always Vegan friendly.


Quality craft beers aren’t easy to find locally. Driven by their love of hop forward beers, couple Amy Leite and Sam Morris founded Datum Attitude in August 2021. Being a small independent brewery allows Datum Attitude to brew unusual styles and push boundaries.

Small Batch

Datum Attitude brews each batch on a small scale using the freshest hops and a variety of specialist yeast strains. Datum Attitude’s aim is to produce quality beers without compromise. Every beer is designed, brewed, canned and labelled by hand.

Hand Crafted

Datum Attitude focusses on precision, using the latest innovative brewing techniques. Each beer is carefully crafted from the water composition right through to hopping and yeast selection. It is this level of detail that makes our beers stand apart.

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