How big is your brewery?

When we say small batch, we mean it. Our brewery is state of the art and hand-built, producing from 300 cans up to 1500 cans per batch.

Where are you in Essex?

We’re just outside of the village of Tollesbury, a working port on the Blackwater estuary roughly 10 minute’s drive from Maldon.

How much is nationwide delivery?

We charge £6 inc VAT for nationwide delivery. Orders are usually sent with DHL on a 24hr next day service. We dispatch orders Tuesday to Thursday.

Do you deliver locally?

We deliver to residents in Tollesbury for free. Delivery fees are refunded manually, if applicable. Local delivery to other areas is at our discretion and is subject to availability and minimum spend.

Is there a minimum spend for free delivery?

Spend £40 of more and get free delivery when you checkout and place your order.

Can I Collect?

We don’t have a brewery shop on site, so collections must be pre-arranged (from one of our events/markets) and orders must be placed online. Please contact us at before placing your order.

When was my beer canned?

As we are such a small brewery, each batch sells quickly meaning that your beer is fresh and had been cold-stored before reaching you. Our pales, IPA’s and anything heavily hopped are given a best before date of six months from the date of packaging.

Other styles, such as our Helles lager, Belgian Blond, Oatmeal Stout etc have a BBE of twelve months. These beers will actually get better and better with age, it’s just a requirement that we stamp them with a best before!

Do I need to store my beers in a fridge?

Yes! Our beers are unfiltered and contain live yeast cells. With heavily hopped styles like NEIPAs, the sheer amount of hops added after fermentation make these beers extremely perishable and these styles MUST be kept cold and enjoyed fresh.

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