Datum Attitude began its craft brewing journey with a real passion for quality beer, the love of flying and passion for all things aviation.

Sam, our brewer (who is also our delivery driver, marketing director, website developer and general dog’s body) started his love of aviation as a teenager when he qualified as a gliding instructor. 

One of the first things that we used to teach a student was the Datum Attitude- you fly an aircraft by looking out from the cockpit and looking at the ‘picture’, noting where the horizon is in relation to the nose of the aircraft. The Datum Attitude is the “normal” wings-level view from the cockpit and the student would always return to this attitude after practising a new manoeuvre. I think Datum Attitude is the perfect name for our brewing venture.

Sam Morris

Our love of Aviation

Sam started home brewing some twelve years ago. His hobby quickly became an obsession, with Sam dedicating the last decade to learning how to brew different styles as well as learning how to fabricate his own brewing equipment.

His dream was to start his own brewery, but life took him on a different path; instead he followed his love of aviation and joined the Royal Air Force. Working in Air Traffic Control as well as fast jet operations, he was lucky to spend time with a number of different aircraft types before deciding to leave the Service in 2019. 

Sam settled in Essex, where he met his wife Amy. Sam continued to work in aviation, managing a small team at a London airport until the pandemic came along. With the industry crippled, and having aviation experience on a CV now rather meaningless, Sam and Amy decided to gamble on starting a new business. Datum Attitude was born.

The Brewery

Our brewery started as a small pilot brewery.

Each batch was carefully designed, brewed and canned by hand with our emphasis on brewing quality beers of differing styles. The demand for our beers was unbelievable, with each batch selling out within a few days of being released.

We’d proved our concept and we now had no doubt that a bigger brewery was needed…

The Future

We are currently building a 1bbl brewhouse, with the aim of keeping our pilot brewery to experiment and brew test batches.

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Thanks for reading!

Sam & Amy Morris
Datum Attitude Brewing Co

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